História - Bikepark Koliba


The Slobodný Bajker civic association (o.z.) is a non-governmental organization, founded by Juraj "Enjoy" Rafajdus in 2004. It was established for the purpose of legalising, reconstruction and construction of the downhill bike trail Rohatka on Železná Studnička – Kamzik in Bratislava.

In early 2005, with the support of Municipal Forestry Office in Bratislava, Slobodný Bajker o.z. legalised the Rohatka bike trail. After legalisation it was necessary to completely overhaul Rohatka, while at the same time add a 1 km stretch from the meadow down to the end of the track at Železná Studnička – Rotunda. With the help of local bikers and 1,200 man hours Slobodný Bajker o.z. succeeded in July 2005 to successfully launch the first official downhill bike trail in Slovakia. Since then, Slobodný Bajker o.z. operates and maintains the downhill bike trail Rohatka. In June 2013, we successfully launched a second trail titled Driver 8 and at the same time the Public Bike Park Koliba – Slobodný Bajker o.z. came into being.