Trať Rohatka - Bikepark Koliba

Track Rohatka

Rohatka is a DH (Downhill) / FR (Freeride) track for advanced riders, whos likes to jump and ride rockgarden section. On the track Rohatka you can find, berms, doubles, roadgap and two steep section with stonegarden. The track Rohatka is marked on trees with red circle.
The start is from the wooden ramp located at the top station of the chairlift up to Kamzík. The track runs westward through the area Bukva and continues towards the “Rotunda” at Železná Studnička where the track finishes.
From the end of the track its about 5min. on bike to the chairlift station. The chairlift will bring you on the top of the hill, where is the start of all tracks in Bikepark Koliba.

Start altitude: 427m
Finish altitude: 202m
Vertical drop: 225m
Overall length of the track: 1920m