Pravidlá - Bikepark Koliba



  • In Bikepark Koliba are skilled downhill trails that asserts that riders assume full responsibility for the risks they take while riding within the trails.
  • This area contains man-made features designed to challenge your bike handling skills.
  • Ride within your ability and work your way up, you control the degree of difficulty.
  • Be in control of your bike at all times.
  • Examine each obstacle before riding it. Ride at your own risk !!!
  • You must remain under control and proceed in such a manner that you can stop or avoid other people and objects.
  • A certified bicycle helmet must be worn at all times. Protective gloves, shin/knee, elbow/forearm pads and full body armour are highly recommended.

The following are not allowed in Bikepark Koliba:

  • Any activites other than riding bicycles is forbidden.
  • No altering stunts or unauthorised construction.
  • No altering of the environment, landscape or terrain.
  • Dismantling or damaging signposts or information boards. Signposts and information boards are there for your safety.  
  • No motorised vehicles.
  • No hiking.
  • Camping and camp-fires are forbidden in Bikepark Koliba.
  • No unsupervised children, no climbing/ playing on the trails.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • No alcoholic beverages or glass containers.
  • No headphones.

Trail etiquette

  • Before your first ride acquaint yourself with the tracks in Bikepark Koliba.
  • When riding, keep a 50m gap between yourself and the rider in front.
  • One rider at a time per trail section.
  • Only ride on the marked trails. According to Law 543/2002 §13 concerning the protection of nature and the countryside it is illegal to ride or stand with a bicycle on land beyond the stated boundaries of a town except where otherwise designated as motorway, road, town byways, purpose byways and marked cyclepaths.
  • The trails in Bikepark Koliba are one-way only. Do not push your bicycle back up the trail.
  • Line up at section entrance(s): first come, first ride.
  • Be thoughtful to other riders and leave room to anticipate the unexpected.
  • Yield to riders already on the trail.
  • Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  • Call out when going over drops.
  • Refrain from using obscene language.
  • Use spotters if building up your skill on a section that you are uncomfortable on.
  • Pick up rubbish and dispose of later in the right place.

If you enter or ride in Bikepark Koliba, you agree with the rules and regulations of Bikepark Koliba. Any breach of the rules pertaining to Bikepark Koliba will result in a fine being imposed, the sum of which shall be that of the cost of the damage.